Get Ztitch+ and Ztitch for your Windows Phone 7 for free! The latest Ztitch+ enables in-app photo capture, while the older Ztitch requires each photo to be added one by one. Look for this icon in the Marketplace under the photo section, or click the icon below to launch the installation page.  

Ztitch+ downloads: 23,478 (since Feb 2012)

Ztitch downloads: 187,923 (since Nov 2010)
  • Create full 360º panoramas (up to 45º vertically)
  • Navigate the scene using the sensors
  • Find on Bing Maps which city a Ztitch was made
  • Pinch to adjust field of view (depth of vision)
  • Create, upload, share, and email
  • Simple drag & drop interface
  • Integrated with Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter!